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Help: Posting Messages

Posting a message is a relatively simple process. The message posting page has nine fields for you to work with, and while they are pretty self-explanatory, a brief explanation of each is in order.

Edit Message This field requires no input: it merely indicates the message you are responding to. If you are at the top level of all message threads, the message name should match the Scratchings forum name. If you are responding to a message, it should match the title of the message you are responding to.
Administrator This field requires no input: it should indicate your name as being the author of the message.
Title The default for this field will be "Re: TITLE", if you are responding to an existing message, or nothing if you are creating a new message thread. You can always change the title to anything you want.
Message Format When choosing a format for your text, you have five different options:
Smart Text
HyperNews will format paragraphs separated by blank lines. Do not begin paragraphs with empty spaces or with a common prefix (for instance, " > ") unless you want the paragraph unformatted, and the right margin set at its end. URLs and email addresses will be made into links.
Word Processor
HyperNews will wrap long lines, break lines at hard Returns, preserve leading blanks and tabs, and use a fixed-width font. URLs and email addresses will be made into links.
Plain Text
HyperNews will not change your formatting. Be sure to break up your lines with Returns. URLs and email addresses will be made into links.
Enter any HyperText that goes between <BODY> and </BODY> Image tags and other multimedia references will not work unless they point to a fully qualified http URL (such as "").
Enter only an http URL that points to an accessible HTML document. The entire HTML document will be embedded in the body of the forum. For an example of why this can get really confusing really fast, see the test post What does the URL look like?.
Your Message Type your message following the rules for the format you have chosen. The window will scroll if your message is long.
Keywords If you want to add keywords, feel free to do so.
Kind of Message You can choose to indicate the kind of message you are writing by checking one of the icons out of the set. The icons are more for fun than anything else.
Notification If you want notification via e-mail that your message was posted, check the box. Since the messages are posted immediately and you can see that your post arrived, this provides no additional benefits and clutters up your mailbox.
Submit You have two methods of submitting your message. You can post the message directly to the forum, or you can preview it first. If you want to see how your message will look before posting, choose to preview the message first. If you are mad about something - maybe your ever-lovable Chickscope staff have offended you in some way - then press preview, get a cup of coffee, reread your message and make changes.

Detailed Help
More specific help is available on the following subjects:

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